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0000305LythiumTerreno / Ambientepúblico2017-12-11 07:012018-01-12 21:53
Versión del producto1.06 
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Resumen0000305: AI pathing
DescripciónAI pathing issues in both airports (fixed wing aircraft), bridges (any ground ai), gates (infantry AI)

1. Airports
1.1 planes don't use taxiways to move around the airfield, instead they go offroad and hit every obstacle in their way
1.2 planes take off diagonally over the runways, often resulting in getting stuck or exploding
1.3 the runway length on the map and the designated runway length don't match
1.4 the airfield terrain is bumpy

2. Bridges
2.1 the road across bridges isn't continuous causing AI to drive offroad under the bridge, often resulting in them getting stuck in the pylons below

3. Gates
3.1 infantry AI will stand behind a gate regardless if it's opened or not, and refuse to walk anywhere past that point - temporary solution: remove/destroy the gate

4. Generic pathing issues
4.1 Driving AI will speed down the mountain rouds at 100+KM/h ignoring any threats such as tight turns or elevation changes often causing them to go flying off the road.
4.2 Driving AI will often not follow the road at all
Pasos para reproducirAirports - spawn a plane, give it a move order and watch it trying to navigate

Bridges - spawn a vehicle at one end of the bridge, give it a move order to the other end of it, and watch it completely refuse to go over the bridge

Gates - spawn AI on one side of a gate, give them a move order to somewhere at least 100 m away and watch them get stuck and report "can not comply" - best replicated in GreencampBase

Generic pathing - spawn vehicle on a road, give it a move order to go across the map
Arma 3 versionActual
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